European Network of Teratology Information Services (ENTIS)

ENTISĀ was founded in Milan in May 1990.

The general objective for ENTIS is to coordinate and collaborate the activities of the different Teratology Information Services (TIS), and to collect and evaluate data in order to contribute to the primary prevention of birth defects and developmental disorders.

A teratogen is an environmental agent such as a drug, chemical, virus or pollutant which interferes with the normal development of the embryo or fetus.

Congenital anomalies constitute a considerable burden for the affected person, his family and the society. Every women in every pregnancy has a 3-4% risk of having a child with a significant birth defect. About 10 percent of birth defects are related to drugs, chemicals, infections, known maternal illnesses or other exposures.

Birth defects caused by teratogens can be prevented. The main task of each TIS is to recognize and to detect risk factors with the objective of preventing birth defects. To execute this task each TIS counsels individual cases with exposure to drugs and other exogenous agents during pregnancy with respect to the risk of reproductive toxicity. The information provided is based on current sientific data, which is collected and analyzed by each TIS staff.

The service provided is free of charge. Some centers limit the counseling to health care providers, while others are also open to the general public. Check the specific TIS for more details.