33rd Annual Conference 2022

The 33rd annual ENTIS conference was held in Bergamo between the 8th and 10th September, 2022.

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News from the 33rd annual conference.

Scientific programme:

Date/SessionSession chairTimePresentationLocation
Wednesday 7th September
Pre-meeting1600-1830Board, scientific and website committee meetingsConference room, Sala Novelli
Thursday 8th September
Registration0800-0930RegistrationConference room, Sala Alabastro
Training in TeratologyConference room, Sala Alabastro
Orna Diav Citrin0930-0955The teratogenic risk of caffeine in pregnancy M. Gallo (20+5 min)
0955-1020Risk communication and scientific misinformation A. Clavenna (20+5 min)
1020-1045Cobalt exposure due to metal-on-metal hip prosthesis in pregnancy: toxicological risks A. Giampreti (20+5min)
Coffee Break1045-1100Catering room, Sala Bianca
Training in TeratologyConference room, Sala Alabastro
Wolfgang Paulus & Maria Elfolk1100-1125Hyperpyrexia as a major teratogen: COVID-19 vaccine implications S. Običan (20+5 min)
1125-1200Free discussion
Lunch1200-1330Catering room, Roof garden
ENTIS Business MeetingConference room, Sala Alabastro
Orna Diav-Citrin & Sally Stephens1330-1530Business meeting
Coffee break1530-1600Catering room, Roof garden
Meeting OpeningConference room, Sala Alabastro
1600-1605Welcome greetings from ENTIS - Official opening O. Diav-Citrin
1605-1610Welcome greetings from Bergamo TIS G. Bacis
COVID-19 in PregnancyConference room, Sala Alabastro
Marco de Santis & Yusuf Cem Kaplan1610-1635Pregnancy and COVID-19 L. Patanè (20+5 min)
1635-1700COVID-19 vaccines and pregnancy S. Pirola (20+ 5 min)
1700-1725Breastfeeding and COVID-19 R. Davanzo (20+5 min)
1725-1800Vaccine uptake among pregnant women: lessons learned and future challenges B. Cleary (20+15 min)
Friday 9th Sep
Current controversial issues on drugs in pregnancyConference room, Sala Alabastro
Jorgos Eleftheriou & Per Damkier0900-0925Introduction to current controversies in teratology: some myths revisited O. Diav-Citrin (20+5 min)
0925-0950Acetaminophen in pregnancy and ASD & ADHD Y.C. Kaplan (20+10 min)
0950-1015Reprotoxic effects of drugs: differences and similarities between clinical and regulatory approaches R. Butera (20+10 min)
1015-1040Flu and Trap immunisation A.F. Cavaliere (20+5 min)
Coffee break and poster visit1040-1115Catering room, Sala Bianca & Sala Stucchi
Current controversial issues on drugs in pregnancyConference room, Sala Alabastro
Thierry Vial & Mehmet Zafer Goren1115-1140Ondansetron in pregnancy P. Damkier (20+5min)
1140-1205New pharmacological treatment of opiate addiction in pregnant women L. Somaini (20+5min)
1205-1230NSAID treatment in pregnancy: Risk estimation in the 1st and 2nd/3rd trimester K. Dathe (20+5min)
1230-1315Panel Discussion on the role of ENTIS in the public debate on controversies of drugs in pregnancy (Panel: Board
and SC Members, 45 min)
Lunch1315-1430Catering room, Roof garden
Controversial issues on drugs in pregnancyConference room, Sala Alabastro
Herbert Juch & Lucie Heringova1430-1500Disease activity assessment of rheumatic diseases and treatment in pregnancy S. Breda, V. Ramoni
Free Communications Session 1Conference room, Sala Alabastro
1500-1515Development and validation of a machine-learning algorithm to predict the relevance of scientific articles in teratology L.C. de Vries
1515-1530Potential Sources of Bias in the Analysis of COVID-19 Vaccine Safety during Pregnancy: How the Embryotox study plans to avoid them by design and analysis methods R. Stegherr
1530-1545COVID-19 mRNA vaccine in pregnancy: results of the Swiss COVI-PREG registry G. Favre
1545-1600An overview of the UK COVID-19 Antivirals Pregnancy Registry J.L. Richardson
1600-1615Risk of Miscarriage Following Exposure to NSAIDs During Early Pregnancy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis M. Berlin
1615-1630Sildenafil and bosentan quantification in human milk: a case report from the ConcePTION project M. Ceulemans
Saturday 10th September
Psychotropic drugs in pregnancy and breastfeedingConference room, Sala Alabastro
Matitiahu Berkovitch & Stephanie Padberg0900-0925Antipsychotics in pregnancy: balancing between risks of untreated illness and risks of drug related adverse effects U. Albert (20+5min)
0925-0950Long-acting injectable antipsychotics use in pregnancy. The Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital
experience E. Bondi, C. Palumbo (20+5min)
0950-1015The pharmacokinetics of antidepressant drugs in breastfeeding D. Cattaneo (20+5min)
1015-1040Neonatal abstinence syndrome: laboratory findings P. Papa (20+5min)
1040-1100The pathophysiology of neonatal abstinence syndrome due to SSRI C. Chambers (20+5 min)
1100-1120Panel discussion
Coffee break and poster visit1120-1200Catering room, Sala Bianca & Sala Stucchi
Free Communications Session 2Conference room, Sala Alabastro
Ursula Winterfeld & Matteo Cassina1200-1215Antiseizure medication use during pregnancy, trends over time and individual treatment pattern: An Evaluation of the German Embryotox Cohort M. Hoeltzenbein
1215-1230Neonatal morbidity after fetal exposure to antipsychotics - a national register-based study A. Heinonen
1230-1245Pregnancy outcome following first-trimester exposure to mirtazapine: an observational comparative cohort study S. Shweiki
1245-1300Pregnancy outcomes after maternal exposure to trazodone in pregnancy:preliminary results of a comparative ENTIS cohort study K. Dao
IMI ConcePTIONConference room, Sala Alabastro
1300-1330Brief update on the status of the ConcePTION project Presenter TBC

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