News from the 30th ENTIS Conference in Oslo

Between the 5th and 7th September, Professor Hedvig Nordeng and colleagues from the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital hosted the 30th ENTIS conference.

The meeting was one of the largest ENTIS conferences to date, with 113 delegates attending from 22 different countries.

Key note lectures were provided from internationally renown experts on a range of related topics including dysmorphology and genetic testing, pregnancy pharmacokinetics, safety of medication use in breast feeding, and signal detection/meta-analysis methods for teratogen surveillance and pregnancy pharmacovigilance purposes, and an additional hot topic debate of prenatal paracetamol and its effects on the ductus arteriosus.

The meeting was a fantastic success, and warm thanks are extended to the whole of the organising committee for arranging such a superb conference.

ENTIS members can access the conference abstracts and presentations from the meeting in the members area of the website (username and password required).

Photo: Holmen Fjordhotel via Tripadvisor